Educational Base
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Library and Computing Facilities
University pays much attention to educational process. The library contains a large number of books and scientific journals in all branches of knowledge both in English and Russian and in other foreign languages. In the University library there are lots of comfortable reading rooms, catalogue room, computer-equipped room providing free access to all world information resources. The students can work at the Internet Center with personal computers providing a high-speed access to Internet resources. All the books are provided by library on compulsory basis (free of cost).
Hostel and Canteen
There is a flat-type hostel for foreign students within 5-minute walk from the main building of the University. Each accommodation block has kitchen, bathroom and WC. All the rooms are fully furnished and include Free Electricity, Gas, Water, Heating Systems. Monthly Hostel maintenance fee is about 20 USD per 1 person. Student comfortable canteen offers a rich variety of different dishes. Students can get subsidized food at the canteen and the hostel for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Sports and Cultural Activities
The University has the best sports facilities among the other medical universities of the country including 2 large game halls, wrestling training room, shooting gallery and running hall.
Cultural life at the University is multinational. The University Student Club organizes cultural programs in which students of different countries take part.