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Now, the University has more than 11 thousand full time students and 3647 staff. There are 68 experts enjoy special government allowance from the State Council, 6 young experts have win the prize of "outstanding contribution to the nation", 19 staff have been chosen as national model teachers, national prominent teachers and national advanced worker, and 52 staff have been chosen as provincial model workers, prominent experts.
The University now is composed of 22 schools, 1 education department, 10 three-A level (in Chinese three–tiered category) affiliated hospitals (including 7 subordinate hospitals), 48 teaching and interning bases. Among them, the First Affiliated Hospital is one of the top 100 hospital in China, and the largest Hospital in Guangxi. The Tumor Hospital and the Affiliated Hospital of Stomatology are the largest three-A level specialist hospital, and all of the three hospitals are awarded "trustworthy hospital" by government.
School has 73 teaching and research (group), the creation of more than 400 required courses and more than 300 elective courses. Has a national bilingual education model curriculum projects a provincial quality courses 20, provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers five provincial teaching team 3. Schools, existing national priorities (training) subjects a State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine "Eleventh Five-Year" key specialty one, 10 provincial key disciplines, the provincial Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for a provincial key experiment Room 5. School-based medicine, pharmacy, clinical three-doctoral research center, human anatomy and embryology, pharmacology nine doctoral programs, biomedical engineering, basic medicine, clinical medicine, public health and preventive medicine 4 level two academic disciplines and 39 master's degree.
School has 21 colleges, 10 affiliated hospitals (including non-affiliated hospitals directly under 7), 44 teaching practice base. Schools to set up a clinical (including oncology, anesthesiology, medical imaging professional direction), preventive medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, nursing, medical testing, information management and information systems, English, Public Administration, biomedical engineering, 11 undergraduate social work and pharmacy, nursing, dentistry technology, medical laboratory technology, rehabilitation technology, medical and cosmetic technology six vocational (specialist) professional. Approved by the Ministry of Education, beginning in 2000 for the country to recruit seven-year clinical students. Including clinical medicine, preventive medicine and oral medicine for the national characteristics of professional development points.
International Corporation

The University has established exchange and cooperation links with universities, institutes, and hospitals over 50 countries including USA, Britain, Denmark, Japan, Australia etc. Outstanding staff and teachers are sent abroad for giving lectures, attending international conferences, as well as for further educations every year; meanwhile, foreign experts and scholars are also invited to the University for academic exchange and research cooperation.
Up to now, After 75 years of development, the school has become a comprehensive medical university which covers the grounds of clinical medicine, preventive medicine, nursing, stomotology and pharmaceutical science and a core force for medicine education, medical research and healthcare services in Guangxi.