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About Romania
Oradea, the Capitol City of Bihor County, is one of the important economic, social and cultural centers of north-western Romania, holding on to these characteristics throughout its history. The city is nestled among hills that divide and unify the Crisana Plains and the hill-like limits of the Apuseni Mountains in a harmonious way. Located on the Crisul Repede River which divides the city into almost equal halves, it is the gateway to Central Europe and Western Europe.
Located just 8 miles from the Hungarian border and spanning both shores of the Crisu Repede River, the elegant city of Oradea is a great starting point for exploring Romania. Baile Felix, a spa resort located only 5 miles south of the city, is home to several thermal springs and medical centers offering treatments that alleviate rheumatism, arthritis, and neurological problems. The town is crossed by the main road linking the Hungarian border with Cluj Napoca and Deva. On opposite sides of the Crisu Repede River are the Union Square (Piata Unirii) and King Fedinand Square (Piata Regele Ferdinand), off which runs strada Republicii, a central pedestrian-only shopping street in Oradea, displaying an incredible number of Secession buildings. In the summertime, the café terraces lining the banks of the Crisu Repede afford some great views of the town’s lavish landmarks.
Its cardinal positioning places the city to the north-west of Romania, at the intersection of the 47°03’ northern latitude parallel with the 21°55’ eastern longitude meridian. Located about 10 km from Bors – the biggest border point on the western border – Oradea ranks tenth in size out of the Romanian cities. Specifically, it covers an area of 11,556 ha. There are over 100 religious sites of different denomination in Oradea, including three synagogues, the biggest Baptist Church in Eastern Europe and the Church of the Moon (Biserica cu Luna) – featuring an astronomical clock depicting the phases of the moon.
The City Library, located opposite the Church of the Moon, was designed by the local architect Kalman Rimanoczy Jr for the Greek Catholic Bishop. During the Communist era, a library replaced the episcopacy. The robust asymmetrical 1903 Town Hall building (Primaria), located on the right of the city library, was designed by local architect Kalman Rimanoczy Jr as well. The building features a 160 feet-tall clock tower.
Oradea’s most imposing sight is the spectacularOradea Fortress (Cetatea Oradea).The present shape of the five-point-star fortress was given in 1569, when Italian military architect Domenico da Bologna was commission with rebuilding it after repeated invader attacks. One of its interesting elements is a network of underground channels that were supplied by ducts of warm water during the winter. Throughout the year the citadel is host to several art exhibitions and craft fairs.
Climate : The topoclimate of the city is determined by the persistent action of the western winds. We are dealing therefore with a temperate continental climate with oceanic influences. The average multi-annual temperature is 10.4 °C. In July, the mean is approximately 21 °C, while in January the average temperature is –1.2 °C. Rainfall is relatively high, registering an annual average of approximately 585.4 mm, which is unevenly distributed throughout the year. We are thus unable to categorically define time spans of maximum or minimum rainfall.
Population : The Oradea of today is home to a heterogeneous ethnic and confessional population. This heterogeneity is a great historical gain but also a proof of peaceful cohabitation between the two major ethnicities: the Romanians and the Hungarians. According to statistics from the census results of 2011, there are 183,123 inhabitants living in the city of Oradea.