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Experience the Difference...Indeed, the Brand 'Medico Abroad' Matters
Having 17 yrs. Rich Experience in medical admissions to top grade foreign medical universities; directly linked to universities; operating from own office premises in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad; and guiding innumerable middle income group students fulfill their dream to become Doctors at affordable costs, the Consultancy "Medico Abroad" earned a household name by word of mouth and achieved wide reputation among parents and students in telugu states as well as across India. The Brand "Medico Abroad" stands for Reliability, Trust and Quality of Services. We invite parents and students as members of "Medico Abroad family".
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why choose medico abroad
why choose medico abroad
>> Direct Authorization from Universities
>> Admissions only to Govt. approved, MCI..
>> Choice of Best Universities as per budget
>> Quality Informaiton, Processing, Services
>> Experience, Expertise in foreign MBBS
>> Orientation program, Admission kit...
>> Insurance coverage of travel+medical+..
>> Caretaker services at universities
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Medico-Abroad provides comprehensive services like free counseling to the student and parent, arranging admisison, processing the VISA and other necessary documentation, orientation of the student and parent, travel arrangements, airport pickup abroad, transportation till hostels, enrolmnent procedures at the university and also extends the study support as well as the post admission support services on goodwill...
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study support
Medico Abroad aims for the success & best career of their students. The supportive study materials are meant to get their students ready to face not only the MCI Screening Test but USMLE & PG Competitive exams too.
>> Free 350 GB of E-Materials covering 4500 high yield topics loaded in Laptop
>> Rich Question Bank of 17000+ MCQs
>> Summer Classes, Campus coaching...
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   Advantages of Studying Abroad
Low costs, High teaching standards, Excellent infrastructure and International exposure are the four significant factors influencing the progressive growth of foreign MBBS admis-sions. Global validity of the degrees, international stand- ards, better career opportunities score over the domestic...
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The important aspect to note is that MBBS degree obtained from China/Belarus have global validity as those medical schools are listed in International Medical Education Directory (IMED), Avicenna Directories and World Directory of Medical Schools which are internationally acclaimed. The World Directory of Medical Schools is developed by World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), which is presently the authority listing all the medical schools in the world, with accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information on each school...
No, it is not at all true. MCI Screening Test is officially known as FMGE - Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Test. It is held by National Board of Examinations (NBE) twice every year in June and December. There are no restrictions on number of attempts that can be availed by an applicant. Since the year 2014, the test is being held in ‘Computer Based Format (CBT)’ unlike OCR sheet format of earlier years. Because of introduction of CBT, the test centres are allotted in all major cities to appear for the exams. The complete details about FMGE, Scheme of Test, Guidelines, Instructions etc. can be read from the official weblink of NBE :
This is a question most often asked by inquisitive parents and puzzles many a person. It is interesting to note that the medical institutions of China and Belarus are state owned i.e., drawing huge Government funding and support. Further, as we know, China remains a communist country, while Belarus was erstwhile Soviet Republic under the communist regime. Public health and Education being the primordial aspects of Communist rule, massive infrastructure of Hospitals, Labs, Equipments, Buildings etc...
This question evokes the counter question as to whether the student is equipped with sufficient funds to pursue their studies in foreign medical institutions, since the earning while studying mostly suggests the shortage of funds. Two important points need to be weighed in mind. First, the passport of the student bears education visa not the work visa, hence strictly speaking working for earning is not legal...
Yes, Medical Council of India by its Extra-ordinary Gazette of India dated 08-02-2002, issued Notification making major amendment to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 on the recognition to foreign medical degrees. It was clarified that in respect of the medical institutions whose name and details are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools of World Health Organization, the primary medical qualifications awarded by them will be recognized, subject to clearing of the Screening Test conducted by the National Board of Examinations...

Medico Abroad pooled rich knowledge resource and huge collection of useful data for the benefit of their students which can be freely accessed from their website.
>> Books & Journals
>> Medical Dictionary
>> Medical News
>> Medical Library
>> Medical Associations

Checking the Recognition is the crucial step for parent and the student. Medico Abroad shows you how.
Medical Council of India (MCI) Website
World Directory of Medical Schools
International Medical Education Directory-FAIMER

Medical Education across the globe is regulated by the respective statutory Medical Councils / Boards. They have an assigned role in assuring quality of UG, PG education, PG training, registration and disciplinary procedures, public interests protection etc. Medico Abroad compiled and present the weblinks to Medical Councils across the globe.

Young graduates desiring to pursue career attempt various competitive exams for PG and resident programs. The foreign medical graduates, especially from India, in specific, seek information about the MCI Screening Test (known as FMGE). Medico Abroad gathered useful inputs on FMGE and the exams across the globe.

The activities of Medico Abroad concerning the admissions of students in reputed foreign institutes, such as the Admission Camps, Awareness meets, Seminars, briefings of the visiting university officials, dignitaries etc. get covered in Press Meets, Articles, Coverages...
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parents information
Medico Abroad invities Parents to participate and partner the activites concerning the welfare and development of their Students.
>> Parents Association of China - LMU
>> Parents Association of Belarus
>> Parnets Gateway
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>> Education Loans & Scholarships Info
>> Passport (Tatkal) applying process
>> Foreign Exchange, Telegraphic transler
>> Time Zone, Weather Report
>> Country-wise, location-wise information
>> Visa Procedures, Parents visits
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