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Peer Assisted Learning System (PLAs) give leadership qualities besides making learning interesting and effective. The combination of researched teaching and intense professional training that all students receive at AIMST provide them with a strong foundation for further postgraduate studies leading to a variety of careers within the medical profession.

Clinical training of students in the programme is conducted at the major Government Hospitals of Sungai Petani and Alor Setar. Community medicine is addressed at the District Hospitals in Jitra, Sik and Yan as well as at State Health Clinics, by the Ministry of Health. After completion of the course, students should undergo  on year pupilage training and 2 year of compulsory rotational clinical training in government approved hospitals.

AIMST has well equipped Anatomy and Pathology Museums, a state of the art Clinical Skills Laboratory to train students in the medical, dental and allied health field in clinical skills or procedures, thereby preparing them for the clinical phase of their respective programmes in the Hospital environment