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  s One day life in Belarus
symbol Most favored destination for medical studies since Soviet era.
symbol In top 5 of Europe attracting foreign students.
symbol High standards of education. In Europe, Erasmus+, Tempus IV...
symbol Globally valid Degrees - IMED, WDOMS, WHO Listed.
symbol Doctor – Patient Ratio : 1:220
( Topmost in the world, US 1:390, UK 1:440)
5 stars 5.0
symbol Literacy Rate : 99.7% (in Top ten) 5 stars 5.0
symbol Natural Vegetation : 93.1% of the Land 4.8 4.9
symbol Human Development Index : 50th Rank 4.6 4.8
symbol Safety Index : 72.43 (High Safety Grade) 5 stars 5.0
symbol Crime Index : 27.57 (among the lowest) 4.8 4.7
Belarus follows European standards of education together with world renowned, long standing Russian methodology of teaching which makes it very high quality and top order medical education.
Student group in a Classroom or Lab does not exceed 10 nos. and a Mentor teacher assigned for each Student group ensures personal attention of teacher on each student. Moreover, evaluation comprises pre/post teaching tests, viva, class presentation, Lab workbooks…
Belarus is among top five countries in Europe attracting foreign students for higher education. The student to population ratio is one of the best in Europe in lead than countries like Italy, Germany, Austria, Norway…
Medical qualification from Belarusian universities is globally valid, listed in WHO Directory, IMED, Avicenna Directories, and WDOMS, and approved by FAIMER of US, GMC of UK, MCC of Canada, and AMC of Australia besides MCI.
The Advisory Note from Indian Embassy in Minsk (Belarus) ( reads as under: In Belarus a stable political and law & order situation exists. The prevailing conditions are sufficiently conducive to educational courses for foreign students. The security and safety of the Indian students are generally good. There is no information of any racist attack on any Indian citizen in Belarus. Till date no untoward incident has come to the notice of the Embassy. As a law-abiding denizen, there will be no problem.