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There are 29 disciplines that can grant M.D. including physiology, biochemistry & molecular biology, human anatomy & histology and embryology, immunology, pathogenic biology, pathology & pathophysiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry and mental health, dermatology and venereology, imaging and nuclear medicine, clinical laboratory diagnositics, surgery, gynecology & obstetrics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, oncology, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, basic medicine of stomatology, clinical science of stomatology, epidemiology and health statistics, occupationed and environmental health, basic discipline of Chinese and western integrative medicine, clinical discipline of Chinese and western integrative medicine, pharmacology, social medicine and health administration and ethics. In 1999, a new specialty of clinical medicine was added and it can issue M.D.




Sri Siddartha
Medical College,

Dr.Anil Kumar

Medical College,

Mr. & Mrs.

Dr. Ghouseuddin Mohd.
HKE'S S.N Dental College, Gulbarga


There are four affiliated hospitals which are strong supports to Dalian Medical University in Teaching, Research and Medical treatments.

Three of them are approved as the "Triple A level Hospitals in China" by the State Ministry of Health, housing 5,000 patient beds, and figure as one of "National Top 100 Hospitals".

1st Clinical College

Founded in 1930. Located in the center of Dalian.

The 1st Affiliated Hospital is the largest comprehensive education hospital and emergency center in southern Liaoning Province and awarded one of "National top 100 Hospitals".

This hospital takes on clinical teaching of 11 levels and 7 Specialties. Over 1.25 million out patients are diagnosed, 25 thousand in patients are treated every year, 14 thousand patients receive their operations here.

Some subjects like combination of Chinese traditional and Western medicine (surgery), General surgery, Orthopedic surgery, medical imaging, Cardiovascular medicine and Respiratory medicine are key disciplines.

Priority disciplines include Surgical reduction and internal fixation of spondylolisthesis; surgical treatment for cervical spinal canal stenosis; treatment of osteoarthritis of knee joint using Holmium Laser under arthroscope; research and treatment of cholecystolithiasis of combining TCM and Western medicine; early stage diagnosis for carcinoma of lung and liver. The research on the mechanism of multiple stomach carcinoma has ranked top all over China.

2nd Clinical College

Founded in 1958. Located on the north of Xinhai Park near the beach.

The 2nd Affiliated Hospital is one of the hospitals first to be enrolled within the International Rescue & Emergency Net by the International Culture Exchanging Center.

There are 984 designated beds, over 0.4 million out patients and 13 thousand in patients are treated every year. It owns over 2000 series of modern medical detecting equipments, including United States Varian linear accelerator, Holland Philips and Germany Siemens DSA, United States Wellkang detecting system of sleep respiratory disorder, United States color ultrasonic multi-functional diagnosis device, Germany Siemens multi-level helix CT, Japan Toshiba whole length CT scanner, artificaial kidney dialyzer, automatic biochemical analyzer, and the like.

It offers Key disciplines such as Respiratory medicine, treatment of acute abdominal diseases with TCM combined with Western medicine, internal hematology, Otolaryngology, clinical nephrology and renal medicine.

Priority disciplines includes Research and treatment of cholecystolithiasis by combining TCM and Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine "Jinshi Powder"; treatment of (skull bleeding) and treatment of lung cancer with small dose of chemical therapy.

3rdClinical College

Founded in 1991. Located in the Economic & Technological Developing Zone of Dalian.

The 3rd Affiliated Hospital specialized in Plastic Surgery and face-lifting. There are 200 designated beds, over 100 large scale medical equipment worth over 10 thousand RMB, the fixed assets is about 30 million RMB. In addition, there are 13 clinical sections, 4 medical technology sections, and 3 teaching and research departments.

Key disciplines are Osteo & chest surgery(sternum surgeon), Cardiovascular medicine.

Priority disciplines include Diagnosis and treatment of general diseases.

4th Clinical College

Founded in1907. Located in the center of Dalian.

The 4th Affiliated Hospital, originally named as Dalian Railway Hospital, it ranks top in Dalian by its facilities and managements. Orthopedic microsurgery has been chosen as the first class 1 medical key and distinctive specialized discipline.

Other Key disciplines are Osteology; Stomatology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery & neuromedicine, Mammary gland surgery, Digestive medicine.

Priority disciplines include Direct perceived operation inside the heart with external circulation; direct perceived operation under microscope on arterial tumor within skull; brain sterotexic surgery; the transverse branch of lacteal femoral circumflex artery in the transfer of greater trochanter bore flap for ischemic necrosis of femoral head; correcting of spine bending to a side; kidney transplanting.