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Do you need a passport urgently?

Then you require a Verification Certificate (as per specimen at Annexure 'G' of the application form) from any officer of the rank of Deputy Secretary and above in the Central Government or equivalent in the State Government, Colonel and above or its equivalent in Air Force and Navy, General Manager of a Public Sector Undertaking, Sub-Divisional Magistrate, SSP of district or one of those listed in Annexure 'G' (page 16 of the application form). An out of turn passport is issued only in cases of specified emergencies, on production of documentary evidence, with the payment of additional fee under the Tatkaal Scheme as detailed on the page no 6 & 7.

Under the Tatkaal Scheme, passports would be issued on the payment of additional fee over and above the normal passport application fee.

Passports under the 'Tatkaal' Scheme would be granted in cases where there is a genuine urgency and would cover the following categories:-

"students going abroad to join foreign universities (without any enhanced fee if the earnings of the parents/guardian of the student applicant is less than Rs.2000/- per month)"


The following all inclusive fees to be paid along with application form either by Bank draft in favour of Passport Officer, or in Cash.


1.Fresh passport (36 pages) of 10 years validity Rs. 1000/-

2.Fresh passport (60 pages) of 10 years validity Rs. 1500/-

Under 'Tatkal Scheme' on out-of-turn basis:

In case of issue of fresh passport

(I) Within 10 days of application Rs. 1500/-

(II) Within 11-35 days of application : Rs. 1000/-

In case fee is paid by means of Bank draft full name of the applicant should be written on the reverse of the Bank draft. May be paid either by bank draft of a nationalized bank in favour of the Passport Officer concerned or in cash at the counter of the Passport Office. Applicants depositing forms at places other than passport offices need to pay the prescribed fee only by way of a demand draft in favour of the Passport Office concerned.

Original Documents

It is obligatory to produce the original documents for verification at the time of submitting the application and also whenever required by the Passport Office.

Time frame for issue of Passports

If all your documents are in order and the police report is clear, a passport would normally be issued within 5 weeks.

If you already hold a passport then your next passport should be re-issued in 5 weeks provided there is no change of address.

In the case of damaged/lost passports (except in case of habitual losers), provided you apply to the same office which issued your original passport, you should get a passport in about 5 weeks.

If you have applied for a duplicate passport to an office other than the one which issued the passport you have lost or damaged, you should get your passport in 6 weeks.

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