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Free Medical Books - Over the next years, many textbooks will be available online, free and in full-text. The unrestricted access to scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice.

Medical Books in India - Listings, Review and Online Purchase

This is a site by medicos for medicos to know about the latest Books including MCQ Books and Exam based books. A doctor in a remote place is not in touch with the latest books and dosen't have a medical bookstore nearby. Browse books under various categories - Author, Subject, Publisher, Type of Book, Exam, Year of Exam etc. Experienced users can check under Latest Books for the new arrivals.
Free Medical Journals
Over the next years, the most important medical journals will be available online, free and in full-text. The unrestricted access to scientific knowledge - the new standard in medical publishing - will have a major impact on medical practice (see Science , Lancet , BMJ ).

Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research
1. Infectious Diseases
A. Viral Diseases
Hepatitis C
Cytomegalovirus Infection
Herpes simplex Infection
B. Bacterial Infections and Mycoses
Sexually transmitted diseases
Urinary Tract Infection
C. Parasitic Diseases
D. Vaccines
E. Drug Resistance
F. Travel Medicine
5. Disorders of the
        Gastrointestinal System

Biliary Tract Disease
Colorectal Cancer
Gastric Cancer
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Liver Diseases
Liver Transplantation
Peptic Ulcer
2. Disorders of the
          Cardiovascular System

Heart Failure
Heart Transplantation
Ischemic Heart Disease
Pulmonary Hypertension
Valvular Heart Disease
Venous Thrombosis
  8. Oncology
Bladder Cancer
Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
CNS Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Gastric Cancer
Head and Neck Cancer
Lung Cancer
Malignant Melanoma
Ovarian Cancer
Prostate Cancer
3. Disorders of the
         Respiratory System

Lung Cancer
Obstructive Lung Diseases
7. Hematology
Bone Marrow Transplantation
Malignant Lymphoma
Stem Cell Research
4. Disorders of the Kidney
Chronic Renal Failure
Kidney Transplantation
6. Immunology
Autoimmune Disorders
Hypersensitivity Reaction
Rheumatoid Arthritis