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Belarus follows European standards of education together with world renowned, long standing Russian methodology of teaching which makes it very high quality and top order medical education. Student group in a Classroom or Lab does not exceed 10 nos. and a Mentor teacher assigned for each Student group ensures personal attention of teacher on each student. Moreover, evaluation comprises pre/post teaching tests, viva, class presentation, Lab workbooks…
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Recognition of China medical degrees

Before the year 2004, Indian students had very limited choice while selecting the foreign medical universities. By default they used to proceed to erstwhile Soviet Union countries for medical studies. Once China introduced English medium courses in the year 2004, the flow diverted to this country as the duration of the MBBS course used to be total 5 years (4 years plus 1 year Internship) and the Internship was allowed to be done either in China or in India. The tuition fee costs were as nominal as USD 1200 to 1800 per annum.
The students who went to China in the year 2004 gave good feedback on the excellent infrastructure and amenities, so the low cost, less duration and good infrastructurescored way above Russian medical colleges. The trend continued in the years 2005 and 2006 by which time near about 8000 Indian students flooded to China for medical studies. Initially in the year 2004, only 4 medical colleges were offering English medium. In 2005 it increased to 16 and by 2006 it was 48 colleges.
Though some of the medical colleges did not have good English medium faculty they too entered the fray and each college followed their own syllabus, thus complaints started pouring in on the standards of education. At this juncture, MCI raised objections on issue of Eligibility Certificate to students proceeding for medical studies in China. On the initiative of Medico Abroad, Hyderabad, India, the petition of their student Miss. R.Sharada (admitted to Dalian Medical University, China) was argued against MCI and the question of law was determined by the Hon’ble AP High Court giving directions to MCI to issue Eligibility Certificate, as the university is listed in the WHO Directory and the process of applying for Eligibility Certificate is in accordance with the Regulations and the amended Act of Medical Council of India. The turmoil got doused, saving the careers of thousands of students.
Deliberations took place at the Governments’ level with visits of delegations from China to India and from India to China. The team from India comprised members of MCI, National Board of Examinations and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare whose inspection covered five China universities and resulted in submission of factual report. In such circumstances, the Ministry of Education of P.R.China stepped in to take overall control to impart quality medical education to foreign students and passed following important regulations in the year 2007.

a) Every year, Ministry of Education will conduct thorough scrutiny of the English medium standards, examine the proficiency of the faculty, infrastructure and amenities congenial for offering English medium studies to foreign students and prepare an Approved list of medical colleges allotting each with limited no. of seats as to their capacity.

b) The duration of course was streamlined to 6 yrs. (5 yrs + 1 yr Internship)

c) Syllabus was standardized and all colleges in the Approved list of colleges are supposed to follow same syllabus and teaching pattern.
The above reforms were taken note by Medical Council of India. In their Executive Committee meeting held on 24.08.2007, MCI decided that Indian student proceeding to such Approved colleges will be issued with permission (Eligibility Certificate) to pursue the medical studies. Thus from 2007, every year, the said Approved list is sent by the MOE, P.R.China to the Embassies of respective countries which in turn verify and report the list to their respective countries. Through the Indian Embassy, Beijing, our MCI receives the list every year, and posts it in their official website at weblink:  Medical Council of India - Website
It is clearly mentioned in the MCI website, that the Medical Council of India issues Eligibility Certificate only to those candidates who opted to take admission in those colleges as per the list send by Embassy of India, Beijing.