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At present, our school has eight8 discipline departments and one experimental teaching center. It has set up basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy primary discipline and biology for doctorate degree and one basic medicine mobile post-doctoratel stationsprogram. And tThe doctoratel programs cover human Anatomy and histoembryology, immunology,pathology , Pathologic Physiology, pathogenic microbiology, medical jurisprudence, physiology, Neurobiology, cell biology,Genetics, Biochemistry and molecular biology and pharmacology. Pathology and pathologic physiology are the national key disciplines, while physiology,pharmacology and immunology are the provincial key disciplines.

Zhejiang Univeristy not only focuses on the discipline construction, but also pays much attention to the research development and the personnel training. 4Four research institutes including immunology,cell biology , pathology and medical jurisprudence and neurobiology are counted in the "985 construction project" by the ministry of education, China. Neurobiology is the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Health ,and  Respiratory Drugs Research Laboratory is the State Key Laboratory of Food and Drug Administration and Disease Proteomics belongs to Provincial Key Laboratory. Under the support of the college, the research conditions and equipments of our school has reached world-level covering an area of 30,000 square meters while the equipments are up to 2 hundred million(if currency then specify which one).

Being the main part of medical teaching in ZJU, our school is consists of 15 course teams which coversing Basic medicine, clinical medicine, oral medicine, preventive medicine, health management, pharmacy and nursing. "Physiology"“pathology”and" Experimental Course of Physiological Sciences " are the National Superior Courses while "physiology" belongs to the National network superior courses. And "physiology", "pathology", " Experimental Course of Physiological Sciences ", "Basic medical integrated curriculum", " histoembryology " are the provincial superior courses. And the experimental teaching center of our school is Provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers as well.