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symbol High Safety. No crime record against foreigners.
symbol Huge patient inflow & better clinical exposure.
symbol Climatic conditions & disease spectrum similar.
symbol Neighboring Asian country - a feeling of proximity.
symbol Only country allowed with Internship option in India.
symbol Govt. universities supported by enormous funds.
symbol Top infrastructure, modern equipments, sophisticated labs…
symbol Scholarships for academics, behavior, good discipline…
symbol Hassle free visa procedures, easy for parents visit.
1 year Inernship
Mutual Recognition
What are the reasons that Indian students are opting China or Chinese universities for their medicinal study?
From the parents' point of view, the main factor any parent would look for is the safety and security of their ward. China being a communist country with strict law & order, and there being no instance of any foreigner being harassed in that country, parents feel very comfortable. Moreover, it is a neighboring country, comparatively at a shorter distance than European/Russian countries. Asian culture, rice based food, similarity in climate conditions etc. prompt the choice of China.
From the student's point of view, China offers lesser duration of UG Course (MBBS) as compared to Russian or European countries. There is a gain of one academic year. Added to it the infrastructure (buildings, labs, equipment etc.) and amenities (comfortable hostels, sports & recreation facilities) in China are far better than in India and comparatively better than other Russian/European countries.
The common factors that both like are comparatively affordable fee structures, reasonable living costs, good communication facilities... As the final year (6th year) of Internship is allowed to be done in India and our Medical Council of India also has approved it, it is a major advantage and highlight too.
What are the advantages of Chinese universities compared to other Asian countries, including India (are Chinese universities recognized in India ?).
As explained above, the better infrastructure like Digital Libraries, Modern Labs, latest equipment on the study side and comfortable hostels (with A/cs, attached bathrooms and good furniture) and recreational facilities are far better comforts as compared to other countries or India.
Unlike the Russian / European colleges, many of the Chinese universities allow foreign teachers (even from India), allow Indian food Canteen within the campus which definitely appeases both student and parent.
It is also the special co-operation extended by the Chinese universities which makes lot of difference. For example, Liaoning Medical University, China allowed introducing proficient Indian faculty for teaching foreign students (inclusive of Indians and others). On our request, the university has also got established Indian Canteen within the Campus serving Indian food. We are selecting and sending the cooks from India so that Indian cuisine can be served. They have even provided an Office room within the Campus at the hostels for Indian students, so that we can extend our care taker facilities to our students, in co-ordination with the International Department. Furthermore, Liaoning Medical University assigns the Dorm Incharge duty to one of the staff of the International Department for extending necessary help and caretaking to students besides maintaining the discipline and decorum at hostels.
The above points answer the query why Indian students prefer admissions with Chinese medical universities more.
What are the special preparations that the Indian students undergo before they go to China
We cannot generalize whether all Consultancies are resorting to the kind of preparation which we provide to our students. But to have a brief idea, we list a few important preparations that a student needs to make before leaving for China.
1. A Bird's eye view of China providing brief knowledge of the Political, Administrative structure, the location of university, its geography, knowledge of the city in which the university is located, its connectivity to nearest big city like Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou.
2. Specific knowledge of the climate and month-wise temperatures, holidays, time gap...
3. Insurance (Travel + Medical + Personal)
4. Knowledge of certain relevant Regulations of the country, Moral Activity Regulations for International students, the Disciplinary Regulations of the university and that of the Dorms.
5. Preparation of the mindset of the students for medical studies
6. Explaining the travel arrangements, the winter clothing necessary and how to carry the amounts payable at the university
We at Medico Abroad conduct Orientation program for 1 - 2 days, convening a meeting of all the fresher students along with their parents. We apprise the above issues and organize the interaction of the students and parents. The choice of the room-mate is also given to the student and accordingly we make hostel arrangement at the university campus. The university people also co-operate for such program and visit India every year to participate the Orientation program.
What are the main challenges students face in China in terms of language, food, climate and culture. How do they overcome?
Since the students are taking admission in Approved list of universities where English teaching proficiency is already checked, they hardly face any problem. The major difficulty is the accent which depends on the individual student and may take one week or 10 days to overcome. Since food, climate and culture are important factors, preparation of mind set of the students is very important. Comparatively Chinese universities are flexible in providing amenities as explained above so the students have a relative advantage as compared to the other universities.
Once the course is complete what do the students do? Do they come back or do they stay back and look for a medical career there in China?
Very rarely any Indian student stays back or pursues a career in China. The reason could be that the earnings are not as lucrative as it will be in India. In China all are Government hospitals whereas in India we have the option of Govt., Corporate, Private and individual Clinics. The choice is crystal clear.
What are the advantages they get once back in India? Do they get any preferences?
No special preference. They are treated equal to MBBS in India after clearing Screening Test conducted by National Board of Examinations. Certain advantages of better clinical exposure on advanced equipment, latest techniques employed in treatments such as Robotic surgeries etc. do give them an edge, but it ultimately depends on the student how good he utilized the resources and how well he has studied.
How do you compare Indian medical education system and Chinese system. What is the future?
Both systems are clinical medicine, the subjects are the same and the methodology of teaching is also similar. The advantage of better equipment, labs and technology score for China. India is not left behind. Some of our colleges have good teaching facilities, labs and equipment. On the aspect of teaching, our teachers have very good knowledge and give solid theoretical knowledge but most often it is not backed up with proper clinical exposure due to lack of proper infrastructure, equipment and funds crunch.
Since low cost, lesser duration and safety aspects are predominant, trend towards China will keep growing in future.