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There are departmental stores, restaurants, post office, telephone booths, theatres, sports centers, gymnasiums and play grounds for all types of sports within the university campus.
The Library in the campus is a modern construction having electronic audio-visual components and the internet facility. Huge volume of reference books, magazines and medical journals are made available besides text books in English medium.
In addition to the university canteens and the public kitchen where students can cook for themselves, the university also has two restaurants. Both of them are based in the same building. One of them is an upscale Chinese restaurant, but inexpensive. The other one is a fast-food restaurant that offers Chinese, Western food and Indian food. It depends on what you want to eat, but on average it costs 20 RMB a day to have two decent meals.
Of course, students can also leave the campus to have meals. Just across from the main gate there are endless food stalls where they can buy very inexpensive Chinese and Jinzhou specialities. One of Jinzhou`s specialities is barbecue and barbecue restaurants can be found all over the city. In addition there are many other restaurants that offer specialities from all across China, such as Beijing Duck, Sichuan spicy food and so on. Meals in restaurants are not expensive, a meal for two should cost about 60 RMB, drinks included. Some western restaurants have also found their way into Jinzhou, including KFC and some real restaurants, most of which offer pizzas, pastas, western-style steaks and so on.
The Hostels are situated inside the Campus, well equipped and furnished, and separated for boys and girls. Adequate security is provided to international students' hostels.
There are two dormitory buildings with a total of 141 rooms for foreign students. In each room t here is a small entry corridor with two closets and the door to the bathroom. The room itself is about 150 square feet. Each room is equipped with beds, a wardrobe, a desk and chair, a sidetable, a television (with reception of all Chinese channels and satellite). Each room has at least one large window.
In addition, central heat is provided by a radiator in the winter, and the rooms have individually controlled air-conditioners for the summer heat. Moreover every room has internet connection. The bathroom is comfortable. It is about 25 square feet. The toilet is western style. There is a water heater mounted on the wall that connects by hose to a shower head. There is a sink and mirror. Apart from the rooms in the dormitory there is also a public kitchen with cooking utilities and refrigerators and a place where the students can have their meals.
Normally international students share a room with another international student. The cost price is 5500 RMB a year. In case you don`t want to share a room, you can get a single room, the price of which is 11,000 RMB a year.
The campus offers a range of sport facilities. All over campus one can find basketball courts, volleyball courts, table tennis tables and there is also one football field. One of the buildings on campus houses a gym, which has a large selection of weight machines, dumbells, plates, benches and a smith rack. There are no cardio machines, but aerobics classes are held twice daily. A membership card costs 25 RMB a month. Once a year the university holds a huge sports meeting in which Chinese as well as international students can compete against eachother.