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The university comprises twelve teaching departments, ten provincial research centers, seven affiliated comprehensive hospitalsand one hundred and twenty-two outlets for teaching and practice. The curriculum comprises twenty-three specialized undergraduate subjects, thirty-two second levelmaster degree programs, two first level master degree programs and one doctorate degree program. There are three provincial key subjects, one provincial key laboratory and five provincial key medical specialties. The number of graduate students is approximately eight hundred whilst undergraduate students total about seven thousand.
The First Clinical School (The First Affiliated Hospital)
The first affiliated hospital of Liaoning Medical University in western Liaoning Province is the largest Hospital of Grade III set by the Ministry of Health. It is also one of the three regional medical centers. It provides 1800 beds for half a million patients from Liaoning, Jilin, Hubel and Inner Mongolia, more than 30000 patients receive medical hospitalized care and more than 10000 patients are treated by operation. There are 45 clinical medical departments, 4 research institutes and 25 teaching sections.
Bone surgery and Otorhinolaryngology are two provincial – level key subjects. The key laboratory of surgery is key laboratory set by medical department of Liaoning Province. Brain and spinal cord injury and medical tissue engineering are two key laboratories set by Science department of Liaoning Province. Brain and spinal cord injury and medical tissue engineering are two key laboratories set by Science department of Liaoning Province. The practice center of clinical medical skills is a provincial model center.
School of Stomatology (The Second Affiliated Hospital)
The Second Affiliated Hospital was set up in 1992, Which is an integrated hospital under the province. The hospital is mainly characterized by the diagnosis and treatment of oral cavity diseases. It is the centre of oral cavity diseases diagnosis and treatment in the western area of Liao Ning Province named by the Provincial Hygiene Administration, and provincial oral cavity medicine clinical skills training centre as well. Meanwhile, it is also oral cavity medicine academy of Liaoning Medical University, which takes on the teaching tasks of undergraduates, graduate students, students abroad at all levels in oral cavity field. The hospital is the counsel member unit of China stomatological Association.
The Third Clinical School ( The Third Affiliated Hospital)
The Third Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning Medical University was set up in 1922, and is one of the earliest hospitals of Grade III by the Ministry of Health as well as “baby-loving hospitals”. A number of excellent medical workers with medical doctoral and master’s degree, awards of government. Some of them are candidates of provincial-level talents, tutors of postgraduates, famous teachers set by the province, leaders of technology and academics in Jinzhou. The hospital provides advanced medical equipment, such as 64 row CT, magnetic resonance 1.5 T, DSA angiogram machine, linear accelerator, digital operation rooms. Wards, cleaning centers and medical supply rooms are National level. Emergency rooms, ICU wards and CCU wards physical examination center and injection center are the most advanced in Jinzhou. It is a comprehensive hospital of medical service, teaching, research, prevention and health care. It is a large-scale hospital under the department of health in Liaoning Province.