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2000 students are trained at 5 Faculties of the Grodno State Medical University.

                 Faculty of General Medicine.

                 Faculty of Medical Psychology.

                 Faculty of Medical Nurses with Higher Education

                 Faculty of Pediatrics

                 Faculty of Foreign Students

At present 50 Doctors of Science and Profesors, 108 Asst.Professors, 209 Candidates of Sciences are employed at the University.

There are four Research Laboratories at GSMU. Excellent students go to the West European Countries to participate in Medical Scientific Conferences and Symposia.

Professors and Scientists from European countries and USA make visits to deliver lectures.

There are Twenty three clinics functioning at the clinical departments of the university in Nine City, Regional and District Hospitals.

All overseas students of the Grodno State Medical University study at the Faculty of General Medicine, can study 6 Years in English Medium. Also Grodno State Medical University is the Only Medical University that provides 6 years high quality English Medium Medical Studies.
Students who wish to study pre medical course before joining the Medical Faculty, will study Russian and special subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The duration of training at the preparatory department is about 9 months. On successful completion of the preparatory studying course they are admitted to the University and study medical disciplines in English.
The Russian-language training includes the studying of all the disciplines in Russian language. The English language training implies that students get education in English and acquire good knowledge in the Russian language to contact with patients.
After graduation from the University the graduates are granted International Diploma and are conferred the title of the MD.
In addition, the University provides the possibility of post-graduate education – Clinical residency and Post-graduate doctoral course (PhD) in various medical fields.