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Library building area of 29,880 square meters, reading seats 2430, the Library has: Circulation stacks, books, periodicals reading room, electronic reading room, television audio-visual room, medical room and 24-hour self-Novelty Library and other services; existing paper-based books over 1.2 million copies (32 thousand kinds of books), in 4000 kinds of foreign periodicals (now published 1,571 kinds); have CNKI, VIP, PML and other Chinese and foreign books, periodicals database 16, e-books more than 80 million copies.

Since 2002, the use of advanced automated integrated management system SULCMIS books, paper books to achieve the interview, cataloging, circulation of literature, books, Tibet, information retrieval queries, electronic reading, video on demand, multimedia player, document delivery and other business modernization management. Library Web site was founded in 2001, and continue to update, upgrade and improve. Through the library website, readers can either view New Books, books appointments, renewals, reminders and other interactive services also can also be accessed 24 hours a day all of our library subscriptions in foreign language electronic literature resources, to provide readers with a convenient , the all-day, the full text foreign journals, e-book titles and abstracts of the query, browsing and downloading services.
From 1984 to open "medical information retrieval and utilization of" course, Guangxi Medical University first assume the task of teaching literature search of the university museum. Novelty Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 1994 to obtain qualifications to carry out medical Novelty service. In order to better meet the needs of readers, the library with the region and outside the library interlibrary loan relationship established between the rich collections.
Currently, the library is a member of the National Association of College Library of Medicine Museum, CALIS member libraries in southern China, CALIS medical members of the Museum, Library Committee of Guangxi Institute of Higher Education executive director of museum.