Message to Students

It is a unique Project of Medico Abroad delivering video presentation of the teaching of various topics of medicine course viz., relating to the subjects Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-Chemistry etc. The effort is meant to keep the Indian students in track with the syllabi taught at home, besides briefing essential points on each topic derived from various source materials.

The very purpose of this presentation is to teach the student to gather knowledge on a given topic from different source material. The faculty refers to several useful text books for pictographic depiction and briefing on the subject, which makes it all the more easy to understand and learn a topic.

In fact, the package is only a supportive study material on medical subjects meant to provide proper guidelines and assistance in self study. The core idea of the project is to inculcate the habit of self study from various reference books at the very initial stages of their study period at the medical universities.

E-teaching Project is meant to kindle their quest for knowledge , while also imparting proper inclination, attitude and interest on medical studies. The final output to the student is in the form of CD and a handout.