Message to Students

This Programme on 'Guidelines for self study' is the ardent desire of Medico Abroad to deliver a sensible quotient of knowledge to the 'Medicos'. It was indeed an onerous task preparing supportive study material on medical subjects but we took inspiration from some of our zealous students seeking proper guidelines and assistance in self study. The architect of this project, Mr.Rajaram , Managing Partner, Medico Abroad dedicates this study material to all 'students of medicine' having the right inclination for studies.

Please note that this presentation is neither the substitute to your regular studies in medical college nor is it meant to be any comparative. An effort is made through this presentation to gather knowledge on a given topic from different source material. The faculty refers to several useful text books for pictographic depiction and briefing on the subject, which makes it all the more easy to understand and learn a topic. Our emphasis is that a student needs to watch the presentation repeatedly, and then set out to systematically prepare his own notes on a given topic from various source material. The presentation should only serve to kindle their quest for knowledge , while also imparting proper inclination, attitude and interest on medical studies. This indeed is the essence of true learning!

Medicine is a very specialized field of study demanding prolific knowledge and command on the subject. In many cases, it is observed that the students pursuing medicine fail to understand or appreciate its value and seriousness. They should realize that ultimately their knowledge and skills are to be practiced upon the precious human lives. The first commitment towards successful learning is to understand and adapt to the self study concept of university education, which is quite different from the spoon feeding undergone till college level education. A student of medicine has to put up a minimum of 6 to 8 hours self study apart from their regular study hours at medical college.

Lot of effort went into the preparation for each topic of presentation. It is a big team work by the dedicated technicians and non-technicians alike, specific mention being made of the unique contribution of the faculty, which helped shape up this dream project of Medico Abroad. No qualms on the veracity of the contents or the faculty. We sincerely invite any comments, compliments or suggestions which could further improve the quality of presentation.

As a last(ing) word, we reaffirm that this presentation is an effort to sow the seeds of self study and discipline at the early stages of study period by 'Medicos' , so that we see them bloom into worthy doctors !