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Jilin University owns five halls of residence for international students on its campuses, such as the Friendship Hall, all of which have nice and quiet surroundings with strong academic atmosphere.

Friendship Hall, your options include single or double rooms furnished with necessary facilities such as bed, bookshelf, chair, desk, showerhead, satellite-TV, telephone, and the Internet.

Each floor in the hall also provides public facilities such as kitchen and washing-machine (insert coins to operate). In some residential areas, there are gym and business centre; besides, food and laundry services are provided.
The Student Union of Jilin University gives dances or organizes shows and sport games quite often. Each campus has its places for exercises and sports such as basketball court, soccer field, table-tennis room, and volleyball court. Most of these are free to students.
The university has sport clubs for international students, which organize many sport activities. So far, Jilin University's International Student Soccer Team has been the champion, for three consecutive years.