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The curriculum system in Jilin University has undertaken reform since 2011.

The teaching schedule is based on the American USMLE syllabus, combining theory and practice instead of the former teaching mode: learn theory firstly then practice. The college presently has 2,063 teachers, including 502 professors, 661 associate professors, 171 doctoral degree advisors, 1 academician, 1 national best teacher and 2 Cheung Kong Scholars.

To help the students pass the medical license exams, JLU also holds 6-month special training program for USMLE. It offers 3 post-doctoral programs (Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine and Biology), 2 first-level doctoral programs (Basic Medicine and Biology), 14 second-level doctoral programs and 38 second-level master’s degree programs.
The college has one national key discipline (Neuropathy), one key laboratory of Ministry of Education, PRC (Pathological Biology Laboratory), and 14 key disciplines at provincial level.
There are 19 training centers and research institutes at national or provincial level here. 4055 beds are available in the three main teaching hospitals of Norman Bethune College of Medicine, Jilin University. Jilin University Foreign Student Friendship Union.
The International Student Union was established in August 24.2005. It is the one of the foreign student organizations in Jilin University. Its purpose is to organize culture events, sports competition and other activities for foreign students.
Network Information Center- Our university network was first founded in the year 1995. In June, 2000, after the setting up of the new Jilin University, the networks of the original five campuses was integrated, interlinked, upgraded and further constructed; at present our university network has the widest coverage in the whole country. The Network Center of Jilin University is the managerial, constructing and maintenance department for our university network.