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Medico Abroad draws rich advice and guidance from the panel of Specialists and Professionals concerned with Education, Medicine, Politics, Social Work, Legal and Journalism fields.
Late V.Nagaraju, the Chairman of Medico Abroad, was the spirit and the force postulating the basic tenets and working principles of the firm. The Motto of the firm was formulated by him. An eminent journalist, recipient of ‘Excellence in Journalism’ award and the prestigious ‘Sahitya Academy Award’ for literary eminence, he was popular as the Editor of “Kammendo” magazine. His ideology is continued.
Dr.K.G.Govinda Reddy, MBBS, MS(General), MCH(Urology), is a prominent practicing surgeon, running a Super Specialty Hospital and a Nursing College in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, served as President of Indian Medical Association, the State Executive member of Indian Red Cross Society and President of Rural Health Care society. He is conversant with policies on medical practice and education in India.
Dr.Murali Bhardwaj, the renowned teacher for PG and other Competitive Medical Entrance exams in India, Prof. R.G.N.Sumponia Hartwig, Legendary teacher of Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad and Department Head of Physiology, and Dr.Evelyn Supriya James a product of CMC, Vellore form the Core group of medical professionals offering advise on the medical education and standards.
s Dr.R.G.N.Sumponia Hartwig worked as Assistant Professor at Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad for one and a half decade. She worked as Professor and Head of Department of Physiology at Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal and later at KVMV Medical College, Vinayaga Missions, Salem. Strict disciplinarian at teaching and holding high esteem as fair and unbiased examiner, she set an example for her students in good conduct upholding values worthy of future Doctors. Her valuable guidance and advise are taken on medical education standards.
s Dr.Evelyn Supriya James was a product of the prestigious Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamilnadu. She was the tutor of Physiology at Christian Medical College, Dichpalli, Nizamabad, worked as medical faculty in the Training Department of an IT firm and undertook the project of “E-classes on Anatomy” for M/s Medico Abroad. She had also worked as trainer in the Department of Palliative Care at MNJ, Hyderabad and organized teaching programmes Doctors, Nurses and lay volunteers which included bed side clinics. Her experience and vision are not only a valuable asset but a source of guidance to cater the best to our students.
Dr.B.N.Reddy, Builder, Architect, thrice served as Member of Parliament, Philanthropist and Chairman of Chaitanya Bharathi Educational Trust is the guide on education matters and values.
Mrs.A.L.V.Karthikeye, the Social worker, Political Scientist and member of Gandhian Global Family advises the marketing operations.
Mr.Md.Abdul Khader, Advocate and formerly employed as PR Manager in State and Central level organizations advises matters concerning liaison and publicity.
An eminent Journalist, renowned Novelist, prolific Writer, successful Industrialist, a distinguished Leader in public life, the Champion of social justice, an Educationalist, Intellectual… Late Shri Vinukonda Nagaraju personified the virtues of an Idol. As the Editor, Publisher and Proprietor of the legendary “Kammendo” magazine, the essays, articles and reviews penned by him on the socio-political issues for more than three and a half decades had sensitized the cross section of readers in Andhra Pradesh, and influenced their participative role in an egalitarian society. peddasir
  Dr. B.N.Reddy M.S, (U.S.A)
Dr. B.N.Reddy hails from Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh. He did post graduation in structural Engineering from the U.S.A. He is a famous Architect and Builder, and the founder of the renowned Construction group BNR Developers Pvt. Ltd. He designed and constructed numerous multi storied buildings and flats embedding architecture reflecting the science of Vaasthu, and was instrumental in planning and constructing Janatha flats for weaker sections. bnreddy
  Dr. Murali Bharadwaz
Graduated from Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal; Post graduation in MD General Medicine from the prestigious Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, Dr.Murali Bharadwaz as a practicing physician at Hyderabad is little known. From his very student days as Medico at Kakatiya Medical College, he discovered his passion for developing study materials for medical students which soon transformed to desire as he progressed with PG studies with the end result of producing what the world knows... murali
  Dr. R.G.N.Sumponia Hartwig
Dr. R.G.N.Sumponia Hartwig graduated from Guntur Medical College in the year 1965. In the following years, she joined the Godavari Delta Baptist Mission Hospital, Narsapur and served as a Mission Hospital Doctor from 1965 to 1972. In those days,there were very few lady doctors who volunteered to work in such Agency areas. This tenure was a great learning time for her. She conducted numerous normal deliveries, instrumental deliveries and caesarean sections on her own. karthikeya
  Dr. Evelyn Supriya James
Dr. Evelyn Supriya James is a resident of Secunderabad city of Andhra Pradesh. Her school and college education were from Secunderabad, MBBS degree from the prestigious Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamilnadu and the ‘Post Graduation in Anatomy’ from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad. Right from the school days through the graduation, her aptitude to both studies and extracurricular activities distinguished her among the peers. Her academic distinctions and achievements apart ... karthikeya
Ms. A.L.V.Karthikeye, a Social Worker, Political Scientist and Associate of Gandhi Global Family hails from Andhra Pradesh. She did her Post Graduation in Political Science from Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. Soon after her Post graduation, she worked as Research Investigator for seven years with Institute of Development and Planning Studies, Visakhapatnam in collaboration with Andhra University and taken up several projects... karthikeya
  Md.Abdul Khader
A Law graduate with PG Diploma in Mass Communications, Mr.M.A.Khader has a rich blend of experience as the Public Relations Officer and Legal expert, having worked in Private, Central Govt. and State Govt. Organizations, and now practicing as an advocate in most of the Courts of Andhra Pradesh including Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh, and various Appellate Tribunals. karthikeya