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To Groom a breed of Doctors Value based, Ethical, Service oriented and with a touch of Humanity and Humility.
s To reach out to the aspiring students and provide the necessary guidance and support to fulfill their dream to be a Doctor.
s To create awareness on various aspects involving foreign medical education, clarify the misapprehensions, and promote its spread and acceptance.
       The motto of Medico Abroad is ‘promoting a Doctor in
                                                                      every middle class family’.
       With this aim, Regional Co-ordinating offices were set up at recognized study centers in Andhra Pradesh and other regions of India. Together, Medico Abroad and their regional offices create awareness on the various aspects concerning the affordable fee structures in the medical universities abroad, the method and procedure for Educational loans, the prospects of studying further Specializations Abroad, and the related Admission Procedure and processing details.