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  MCI Episode in 2006




Medico Abroad Student, Miss. R.Sharadha D/o R.Laxman Nayak, Mahaboob nagar Dist, Andhra Pradesh who took admission in DALIAN MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, CHINA has filed Writ Petition in Andhra Pradesh High Court and received the Interim Order dated : 11th July 2006 wherein the MCI was directed to entertain and accept the application for Eligibility Certificate in accordance with Section 13 (4B) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 as ammended in 2001 for joining Medical Institution situated in any foreign country and accord the same. To that effect Hon'ble High Court has ordered the insertions of the declaration in the application of eligibility certificate as provisional.


Accordingly, the student has filed the application for Eligibility Certificate with Medical Council of India, at New Delhi on 17th July 2006, enclosing the Interim Order copy of A.P.High Court, and the same was received by MCI.


Subsequently, on 31-08-2006, the Hon'ble Andhra Pradesh High Court delivered orders directing the Medical Council of India to issue "Eligibility Certificate" to the student, without any pre conditions. This Land Mark Judgement dispelled the misapprehensions on pursuit of Medical Education in countries like CHINA.


Further, on 05.09.2006, the DELHI HIGH COURT ORDER has recorded the commitment of Medical Council of India to amend the application form for Eligibility Certificate in consonance with the Regulations (viz., Eligibility Certificate Regulations, 2002 and Screening Test Regulations, 2002, as notified in the Official Gazette on 18th February 2002, consequent to the Amendment made to Indian Medical Council Act on 3rd September 2001).


In compliance to the Hon'ble Andhra Pradesh High Court Order dated 31.08.2006, the Medical council of India issued the ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATE to the student Miss R.Sharada on 13.09.2006. She is the first Indian student in 2006 to obtain MCI Eligibility Certificate for pursuing MBBS in China after the MCI controversy.


This historical success in respect of Ms.R.Sharadha will always be inspiring for all the students aspiring to be Medicos from Abroad!






1. On 7th July 2006, Medico Abroad submitted letter to the Indian Ambassador, Embassy of India, Beijing, China informing the recent restrictions imposed on foreign medical studies by Medical Council of India, and seeking clarification on the recognition of medical degrees obtained from medical universities of China. The same was acknowledged by Sri Sanjay Verma, Counsellor (Information and Culture) at Indian Embassy Office Beijing. The matter was said to be referred to the concerned Indian Govt. officials.

Simultaneously, on 7th July 2006, a writ petition was also made to be filed by a student of Medico Abroad in A.P.High Court seeking justice against the recent restrictions imposed by Medical Council of India for foreign medical studies.

2. On 11th July 2006, the student of Medico Abroad Ms.R.Sharadha, admitted in Dalian Medical University, China received the Interim Order from Hon'ble A.P.High Court favoring the students to file the application for issue of Eligibility Certificate with MCI, as per the provisions of the IMC Act, 1956, as amended in 2001.

3. On 12th July 2006, Medico Abroad submitted letter to the President, Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, the international studies wing of Ministry of Education at Beijing, China informing the predicament of Indian students pursuing medical education in the universities of China, in the wake of the recent restrictions imposed by Medical council of India, and seeking the intervention of the Government of China in the matter. Pertinent enquiries were made by them with the Dalian Medical University to verify about Medico Abroad and their students pursuing studies at the university. Later, the letter was considered and forwarded to the concerned Government Department to deal with accordingly.

4. On 15th July 2006, Medico Abroad took the initiative through Jinzhou Medical University, Liaoning Province, China in submitting a request letter by the medical university of China to the Secretary, Ministry of Education, Beijing, China seeking their intervention in the matter of non recognition of medical degrees obtained from Chinese medical universities by Medical Council of India, and to request them to correspond and communicate with their counterparts to sort out the issue. The request letter of Jinzhou Medical University was considered and said to be entertained accordingly.

5. On 20th July 2006, obliging to the urgent invitation extended by Medico Abroad, the UNIVERSITY OFFICIALS from Dalian Medical University and Jinzhou Medical University, China landed in New Delhi for interactions with the concerned Govt. officials, and also to conduct a study tour for gathering information on the medical curriculum taught at medical colleges of India, the teaching methods being adopted, the examination system followed etc. which could help them present a paper to the Ministry of Education, China that assists in evolving the uniform policy for foreign medical education in China, and to benefit the large number of Indian students joining the universities of China.

6. On 21st July 2006, the university officials of Dalian Medical University and Jinzhou Medical University visited the Education Section of the Embassy of P.R.China at New Delhi. The concerned officials of the Chinese Embassy informed the likely visit of a team of Officials from the Ministry of Health, P.R.China to hold talks with their counterparts in Govt. of India for resolving the issue pertaining to medical education in the colleges/universities of China. The action initiated by the letter of Jinzhou Medical University submitted to the Ministry of Education in China was reconfirmed.

7. On 24th July 2006, Miss Kitty, the representative of Dalian Medical University, China was allowed interaction with the Additional Secretary, Medical Council of India at New Delhi. The university official was assured that MCI will start entertaining the earlier procedure being followed since 15.03.2002, once the final Court judgment favoring the students in their writ petitions at the Hon'ble High Court is delivered. As such, presently, MCI is bound by the Delhi High Court Order.

8. On 27th July 2006, the university officials of Dalian Medical University and Jinzhou Medical University visited KURNOOL GOVERNMENT MEDICAL COLLEGE located at Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh and had interactions with the Professors and Asst. Professors of the medical college. They collected all relevant information sought for during the study tour.

9. On 30th July 2006, SEMINAR was organized in Hyderabad inviting both the fresh students and old students admitted in Dalian Medical University and Jinzhou Medical University. PRESS MEET was also organized on the occasion.

PRESS REPORTS followed the Seminar conducted on 30th July 2006.

10. Starting from the first week of August, 2006 the students of Medico Abroad are proceeding to New Delhi continuously in batches, and successfully filing their applications for issue of Eligibility Certificate with Medical Council of India.