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Pleven University Medical University combines a large complex of training units, a modern pre-clinical base, a university hospital with over 1100 beds, a large number of specialized clinics and a research center with modern equipment. The clinical base for training of students, postgraduates and doctoral specialists is the University Hospital "Dr. Georgi Stranski" EAD - Pleven, with all the medical specialties, with powerful diagnostic units, equipped with conventional equipment and cutting-edge technologies. The robotic system "Da Vinci" is installed at the oncology center for robotic surgery and remote surgery.

The emblem of the university was the Open-Ended Learning Endoscopic Center with an Experimental Operating Room, unique and unique in the Balkan Peninsula and Eastern Europe. It provides training on highly specialized activities in medicine and robotic surgery. For this purpose, virtual enduro training is used - a real-time training system for endoscopic surgery. Through the audiovisual conference network in the auditoriums of the center, a connection is made between the operator during the surgical intervention, the conference and experimental operating rooms as well as the centers for diagnostics and therapy in the country and abroad.
Different modern training methods are applied in the learning process. This includes theoretical lectures, practical exercises of small learning groups and seminars. Outside the program, students can take part in scientific interest groups. The learning groups consist of a maximum of 6 students. Qualified lecturers combine high academic level and attention to each student. The ongoing control and assessment of knowledge in each discipline is carried out by the assistant, who teaches the student during the semester. Exams are conducted on all subjects taught after each semester, according to a schedule, with the examination session lasting 45 days.