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The Medical University Pleven is located in the city of Pleven. Pleven is in the north of Bulgaria and its 110,000 inhabitants make it the 7th biggest city of the country. The city is 105 miles from the capital Sofia. There are good public transportation connections between the two cities. The international railway Sofia – Bucharest – Moscow goes through Pleven. In general, the city has a well-developed transportation system. The town of Pleven is situated in the central part of the Danube Plain. It has a population of 137,768 people. It is 174 km. northeast of Sofia. The city is a regional center. Its central location in Northern Bulgaria defines its importance as a major administrative, economic, political, cultural and transport center. 

The town of Pleven offers wonderful conditions for active recreation and tourism, there is the Kaylaka Park located in a picturesque canyon with rich natural and exotic vegetation and valuable historical landmarks. To this day Pleven has preserved its cultural and historical heritage. Particularly interesting are the Regional History Museum, the Pleven Panorama, which presents the five - month battles during the Russo - Turkish War of Liberation in 1877 - 1878 and many others.