Educational Base
  s Training of Overseas Students
The BSMU provides education to young people from a number of developing countries, thus contributing to the development of the financial and technical base of the University, and the Republic of Belarus in general. The work of the Medical Faculty for International Students is important both from the international aspect and political as well. The development of contacts, attracting new countries the citizens of which would like to study at our University help improve international relations.
Overseas students are encouraged to get training at the Preparatory Department. Our experience has proved that after a good training at the Preparatory Department the students make a much better progress in the study at the Uni-versity. The Medical Faculty of International Students, the Department of International Relations and the Department of Post-Graduate Training have been actively working at recruiting foreigners to get quality training at the clinical residency and the Department of Post-Graduate Training. Our University possesses a great scientific and clinical potential to provide such training.
The student who graduated from our University will pass the information about the Republic of Belarus, being in a way its adverlizing agent. Consequently not only the cost of study but mainly the quality of medical education become of prior importance. The country the young specialist comes from will evaluate his level of training. In case a young doctor is not able to confirm his diploma it will have a very negative impact on the number of future students from this country.
The main goal of the activities of the Medical Faculty, the International Department and the Rector's boardis to acquire for our diploma an international status. To make our diploma a 100% guarantee for international employers the teaching staff of the University should work real hard. The Medical Faculty for International Students and the departments of the University are in constant search of improved curricula with an emphasis on specific pathologies in different countries; they work out methodical guides adopted for international students. The key to success in the educational process also depends on the basic level of future students. So the tests for the entrance exams which help make a quality selection of candidates to the 1st year are revised and improved every year.