Educational Base
  s Training of Overseas Students
The Belarusian State Medical University is the largest constantly developing higher school in the Republic of Belarus. Nowadays the University comprises 18 scientific research laboratories and 61 chairs, about 5000 students there. Teaching and research work is carried out by more than 700 Professors and Lecturers and about 101 research workers. Wonderful traditions and great scientific school have been formed at the University. Material and technical basis of the University is constantly growing, facilities for studies and fruitful scientific work are becoming better. Practical studies are held at the best hospitals which gives the opportunity to introduce the most advanced teaching methods. The students are trained at 7 faculties: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Preventive Medicine, Military Medicine, Faculty for Foreign Students with Preparatory department and the Faculty of Postgraduate Study.
A Tutorial staff of 245 professionals, including 25 specialists with Doctor of Science (medicine) and 134 with Ph.D (medicine) degrees are involved in training and research activities at the Faculty of General Medicine. The student population numbers 2500. Currently the Faculty trains students mainly in the adult population disease treatment and prophylaxis. For the time being the Faculty has released about 28,000 medical specialists many of them are the acknowledged leaders in their special field including Proferssors E.V. Barkovsky, B.A. Slouka, N.F.Soroka, G.P Rychagov, S.I. Tretyak and others. After a compulsory one year intern course they are granted the Certificates officially allowing them to start medical practice. They may also choose further specialization in gastroenterology, cardiology, traumatology, urology etc. and undergo a special training course in the corre¬sponding field.
To improve the quality of teaching educative industrial pharmacy, dental clinic, and control-analytic laboratory were created where students are able to put the accepted knowledge into practice.
Faculty of Pediatrics
Faculty of Pediatrics is a little more than 30 years old. Its graduates have great opportunities of getting deep comprehensive knowledge. Faculty gives opportunity to get speciality pediatry.
Faculty Of Dentistry
Faculty Of Dentistry was opened in 1960. There are such subdivisions as therapeutic, Therapeutic dentists treat hard tooth tissues and the diseases of the mucous membrane in the deal mainly with the prosthetic service and correction of different jaw and occlusion facial surgeons deal with the treatment of traumas, tumours, suppurative inflammations, the defects and deformities of maxillofacial area. Since 1992 the students have been trained in curriculum which meets international requirements. The curriculum is approved by the experts of the WHO. On University the students get diplomas in general dentistry, which give them the opportunity to work as a dentist, orthopedist and surgeon at the same time.
Faculty of Preventive Medicine
The Faculty of Preventive Medicine was formed in 1991 on the basis the Faculty of Sanitation and Hygiene opened in 1964. The graduates of this faculty special¬ize as hygienists and epidemilogists, but can also work as virologists, immunolo-gists, bacteriologists, laboratory workers, toxicologists, pathologists, radiologists, dieticians, health care providers, research workers and teachers. The aim of setting up the faculty, which had been the only faculty of the kind in the Republic until 2002, was the necessity to train doctors to deal with prophylaxis and ensure sanitary and epidemic well-being of the Belarussian population; to accomplish sanitary and epidemiological supervision on a national basis in order to prevent diseases caused by unfavourable factors of the environment.
Faculty for Foreign Students.
For more than a quarter of a century the University has been engaged in training specialists for foreign countries. This is done on the contact basis. Training is conducted in Russian and English. The Faculty gives the opportunity to get 2 specialities: general medicine (course of study is 6 years) and stomatology (5 years).
Faculty of Postgraduate Study
Faculty of Postgraduate study gives good opportunity for graduates to get specialization in the following specialties: obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology, hematology, infectional diseases, surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, nephrology, hepatology, neuropatology, dermatology, venerology, functional diagnostics, pulmono-logy, neurosurgery, opftalmology, allergology, pathology and others.