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Well equipped hostels with individual dormitories to foreign students are provided. Adequate Security is present in the Hostels premises. Some hostels are in Block system which have single & double rooms with attached kitchens and bathrooms. All hostels are provided with central heating & hot water during winter and round the year supplying cooking gas.

Students areprovided with beds, bed sheets, curtains, blankets, cooking ranges, tables and chairs and refrigerators. Hostels are located around the campus.

During college hours, Institute has a canteen which provides quality food at subsidised rates.

Within the week, there are 5 working days. Saturday and Sunday are holidays. The studies are scheduled from 8.00 to 16.00. The students working week comprises 54 hours. Within this time period there are 36 lecturing hours and 18 hours for independent work.

The teaching course period includes the time or teaching semesters, final control and vacations. The teaching years is 12 months long and comprises teaching days, days of final control, examination sessions, of days, celebration and vacation days. Visiting of all the kinds of studies (except for consultations) is obligatory for the students.

LSMU Provides a recreational facility round the year like sports and other recreations like swimming, horse-ridings etc. Indoor stadium provides a well equipped Gymnasium, T.T. Tables, Volley ball Courts, Tennis courts & Indoor football courts, other than outdoor football courts. Newly constructed hightech indoor stadium has the latest equipment.

Lugansk Medical University has a large newly built and highly equipped Library with about five hundred thousand books of latest literature, a large reading hall and a book borrowing point. 

Students need not buy any books as they are provided with books by The University. Library furnishes to the students for their ongoing study of the subject and they are to be returned as soon as the subject ends and are provided with books for their next subject. The Library provides the student with Internet facility with unlimited use.