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The Educational base of the University consists of its' numerous Medical faculties established with semi- autonomous status. 600 teachers (with 60 Professors and 240 Candidates for Medical Sciences among them) provide the educational process.

23 departments and 9 courses of LSMU are located in 12 clinical hospitals of the city. Every year they serve 40,000 patients, treat 30,000 patients, and make about 5,000 planned and urgent operations.

More than 14,000 Specialists have graduated from the LSMU.

The highly qualified teaching staff includes many graduates of the University, including the Rector, 5 Vice-Rectors, 6 Deans, 54 Heads of the Departments.

LSMU has a good facility for students to lean on bodies and has a high-tech specimen prussum for student to study Anatomy & other subjects. Class rooms are well decked with video projects & slide projectors to inform students in wide & spacious lecture halls.

8-10 students form a group for lectures to individually monitor their performance. 4 groups come together to form a Batch of 30-35 students for lectures, seminars or conferences.