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Advantages of Sofia
The tuition fees for Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy at Sofia Medical University are rather low in comparison to other medical universities in Europe. The living expenses in Bulgaria are also affordable so students do not experience financial difficulties. In addition, it is possible to work part-time during your studies in Sofia. Last but not least, Sofia Medical University is one of the best medical universities in Europe.

The advantage of Sofia Medical University in comparison to other medical universities in Bulgaria is that it is located in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. Hence, there are many direct flights from each corner of the world. In addition, there are many more sports facilities, international events as well as the fact that people are more likely to speak English.


Each person who wants to study Medicine, Dental Medicine or Pharmacy in English at Sofia Medical University must submit a set of application documents to the University. These include: application form, a copy of the diploma for secondary education, copy of Diploma's marks, a certificate issued by applicant's high-school/competent institution, a medical certificate, a copy of passport/ ID and passport photos. The diploma, academic transcript and the medical certificate must be translated into Bulgarian and legalized.

Sofia Medical University has certain entry requirements. Foreign citizens who want to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy at Sofia Medical University can only be admitted after they have completed their secondary education. The main requirement for foreign citizens who want to study at Sofia Medical University is to have Biology and Chemistry grades in their high-school diploma. The results must be above 62% in the respective country. All applicants must sit a basic admission test in Chemistry and Biology. 

Medicine at Sofia Medical University takes six years and the last semester is for gathering practical knowledge in hospitals in and around the university campus. The tuition fees are 8000 Euro per academic year. Students graduate with a Master's degree. Lectures start in October and finish around June.