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Student Life in Sofia & Ammenities
Living in Bulgaria presents an interesting and adventurous experience for people who want to broaden their horizons and complete their higher education with success. If you are full of ideas for your future and can’t wait to fulfill your dreams, in 2015, Forbes ranked Bulgaria as one of the top 10 countries in the world to launch your startup. Also, each university in the country offers variety of specialties, every city offers plenty of free time activities.
Sofia Medical University has student dormitories. They are far from the university and are located in the Studentski grad neighbourhood. Usually, a room in a students dormitory costs about 50 Euro a month. It has two beds, two desks and a bathroom. The kitchen is shared with people living on the same floor.
When it comes to private apartments in Sofia, students often look for a place close to Sofia Medical University. Usually, as there are many international students and the university is located in the city centre, it is rather hard to find an accommodation place within walking distance away from the university. Prices vary between 200 and 500 Euro for a two bedroom apartment. Of course, the price depends on the furniture, location, size of the apartment, etc. Bills are not included in the rent. Usually, it is recommended to use trustworthy real-estate agents as there are often fake ads on the Internet.