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Bulgaria's pleasingly laid-back capital is often overlooked by visitors heading straight to the coast or the ski resorts, but they're missing something special. Sofia is no grand metropolis, but it's a largely modern, youthful city, with a scattering of onion-domed churches, Ottoman mosques and stubborn Red Army monuments that lend an eclectic, exotic feel. Recent excavation work carried out during construction of the city’s metro unveiled a treasure trove of Roman ruins from nearly 2000 years ago, when the city was called 'Serdica'. Away from the buildings and boulevards, vast parks and manicured gardens offer a welcome respite, and the ski slopes and hiking trails of mighty Mt Vitosha are just a short bus ride from the centre. Home to many of Bulgaria's finest museums, galleries, restaurants and clubs, Sofia may persuade you to stick around and explore further.
Sofia Medical University is located right next to the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. The subway station "National Palace of Culture" is around 10 minutes walking distance from the university. "Vitosha" - the pedestrian street and one of the most beautiful boulevards in Sofia is also next to Sofia Medical University. This is the heart of the city centre. Also, South park ("Iuzhen park" in Bulgarian) is close to Sofia Medical University which allows students to go out for a walk after their lectures. There are many trams and buses that have a stop close to Sofia Medical University. One of them is tram no. 7 - it goes along Bulgaria boulevard, one of the main boulevards in Sofia.