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The Medical University – Sofia is the oldest medical institution of higher education in Bulgaria. Medical Faculty was founded by the Decree of His Majesty King Ferdinand in 1917. The University has history and tradition of nearly a century in medical education and science. Many of our lecturers are scientists well known abroad and the University is a part of the European educational sphere.  Over time the Bulgarian medical scientific trends were founded and they were managed by internationally respected scientists. Their names are highly valued by the Bulgarian medicine. Professor Methody Popov (Department of Biology), Professor Vladimir Markov (Department of Microbiology), Professor Assen Hadjiolov (Department of Histology and Embriology), Professor Vassil Mollov, Professor Stoyan Kirkovich, Professor Vladimir Alexiev (Department of Internal Diseases), Professor Konstantin Pashev (Department of Ophthalmology) Professor Bogomil Beron (Department of Dermatology) and Professor Soyan Belinov (Department of Otorhinolaryngology) are among them.

Medical University - Sofia is the leader and leader in all five professional fields , where he teaches students , showing the new, sixth consecutive ranking ranking of the higher schools in Bulgaria for 2016. He is number 1 in each of the five strands: Medicine , Dental Medicine , Pharmacy , Health Care and Public Health . The Panacea Prize was born in March 2004 on the eve of the Patron Day of the University - April 7, World Health Day - and will encourage teachers from the Medical University in Sofia to dedicate themselves to the service of the sick, of humanity and of all humanity. The Medical University - one of the largest and most authoritative healing, educational and scientific centers of the Bulgarian and European medical science.  The longstanding traditions of the Medical University and its professors and students lead him to the place he deserves among European medical universities.