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Student Life
Medical Assistance
In case of an accident or illness, students and teacher from the university can benefit from specialized medical services in general medicine and dentistry at the “Medical Health Unit” Inside the campus.
The Student Club
The Student Club is destined to those who want to spend their time in a pleasant and youthful environment. Located on the ground floor of the refectory, the club is a good place for dancing evenings, meetings, concerts and cultural activities for students.
The Guest House
The guest house is at the disposal of the university’s guests and visiting professors. its purpose is to provide a pleasant stay for all.
Spaces with a Spiritual Destination
Within the campus there is also room for worship places: a praying chapel and historical monument, a church named “Saint Archangels Mihai and Gavril”. Constructed between1760-1762 and made up entirely of wood, the church is an example of the Romanian religious architectural vision. The church has a steeple and approach with two archways. Regarded as an interesting religious sight, the church attracts an important number of visitors, being also a place for religious services, especially during Christian celebrations.
The Gaudeamus Didactic and Research Centre
The university’s touristic center at stranded vale can be used for didactic and research activities, as well as for relaxation and recreation. Located at 90 km from Oradea, in a beautiful mountain region, it offers accommodation and eating facilities for 80 people, a lecture room and a ski track equipped with a baby-ski system. In summer, the place is a favorite training camp for those involved in professional sports activities at the University Sports Club.(USC).