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In 1990, when the University of Oradea was founded, the library of the Higher Education institute of Oradea became the Library of the University of Oradea. In order to provide better reading conditions for its students and teaching staff, the University of Oradea initiated the construction of a modern library, one of the largest university libraries in the country. The building has five levels, an effective area of 7650 square meters, being organized on two functional compartments: one for the book storage and one for reading and study.
The new library has: a complete computerized system; an unlimited access to internet; an intranet system; 4 reading-rooms, with 520 available seats; a museum. The library’s collections contain an approximate number of 280 000 books and journals, which means about 60 000 book titles (33 000 have already been introduced in the digitalized catalogue ), 136 subscriptions to Romanian magazines, 27 subscriptions to foreign magazines, 11 subscriptions to local and national newspapers, STAS and patents.
On the university site, at the “on-line libraries” link one can freely access several data bases: Science Direct-journals, Springer link-journals, Thomson ISI, CSA Research Pack, PROQUEST Academic Research Library, Oxford journals, Cambridge journals, Wiley-Blackwell-journals and Scopus. The Library, with its documents collections, supports the didactic and research activities of the University of Oradea.
The Library of University of Oradea has three other branches: the Library of the Faculty of Architecture and Constructions, of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and of the Faculty of Environmental Protection.