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1). Is my qualification as a doctor recognized?
Its an Internationally Recognized Medical School in Europe. The university is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organization and International Medical Education Directory of FAIMER. It is also recognized Internationally by various countries including the US, UK, German, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, South Africa and many more.
2). Will the studies be in English medium? Do I need to learn Romanian?
The English medium teaching is introduced in The Oradea University since 1991. All lectures are in English and Romanian is not required as a pre-requisite to apply. Romanian is required to be learnt for their clinicals. Romanian language is offered as part of the course in the first 2 years of Medicine.
3) When does the academic year begin?
The academic year begins in October. All applications need to be in by September. Quite often all available seats are taken by the June. In the first year, under special circumstances, the students are allowed to come till the month end of October.
4) What are the pre-requisites to apply?
Completion of 12 years of grade school with Science background is the criteria. English should have been studied as otherwise, they need to face test. Students should also be fluent in English. No pre-med or college needed.
5) What are living expenses and conditions like in Oradea?
Living expenses are around 300 Euro a month and living conditions are comfortable and very safe.
6) Can I practice in the US or UK?
Yes, however you will need to sit for the USMLE or PLEB exam.