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The Educational Space
The total area of the educational space is 45000 square meters. The students and teaching staff have at their disposal 250 laboratories, 95 seminar rooms, over 100 lecture rooms and amphitheatres, the Aula Magna (300 seats),the lecture hall of the Faculty of medicine and Pharmacy (200 seats),the lecture hall of the Faculty of Environmental Protection (200 seats), the Expoflora complex, 4gym halls, farm land.
The University Campus
Having a total area of 144000 square meters, the university campus of Oradea is regarded as one of the most beautiful of its kind in Romania. This is due to the successful combination of the architectural style of the building and the small dendrological park which contains various species of trees and plants, some of them quite rare.
The Student Hostels & Refectory
The four hostels, located on the campus, cater to the accommodation needs our students. The student refectory (dining hall) is situated next to the hostels and has a capacity of 600 persons (in three series).The refectory is used as an eating area for students, but also for organizing festive meals and for protocol.
The University Journal
The University journal appeared in 1967 under the name of “Scientific Paper”. When the University of Oradea was established, the magazine changed its name to “The Annals of the University of Oradea”. It is made up of 24 fascicles published by the faculties within the University of Oradea. The magazine contains the results of the scientific research and the papers presented by students, teachers and university guests at the yearly scientific sessions.
The Printing Press
The printing press has the necessary space and equipment for the printing of courses, technical book and the university journal.
The Publishing House
Founded in 1995, the publishing house has a rich editorial programme, printing some valuable scientific and culture work of the local teaching stuff and of other scholars.
Over 1000 volumes of national and international recognition have been printed here.
Since 2001, the publishing house has been present at national and international book fairs and festivals. It has been accredited by CNCSIS since 2001 and it is a full member of the Romanian publishers’ Association.