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Oradea University is a non-profit, state funded medical university, located in Oradea, Romania in Eastern Europe, and offers internationally recognized qualifications in Medicine. During the Soviet era, Oradea was quoted as being one of the top 10 English international medical schools in Eastern Europe, for the education of foreign medical students. This rating was based on study environment, safety, quality and recognition of the degree and on the affordability of English medical program.
Oradea University offers quality education for students interested in pursuing a career in Medicine. The English Department was opened in 1991 and has since produced Medical Doctors from countries all around the world. The qualification is highly recognized and graduates write the same state licensing exams as the Romanian language Department.
The mission of the University of Oradea's foreign medical school is to train and educate on a large scale both the students and also the high education graduates, as well as to ensure certain domain of science and technology at high level. The structure of the Romanian Medical Universities contains academic education, postgraduate medical education, colleges and scientific research. The University has the right to grant the titles of graduate, licensee, master, doctor, honorary professor, visiting professor and associate professor.

The mission of the faculty of medicine and pharmacy is teaching and research in Medical sciences. It provides specific knowledge through its programs of study for students who have chosen FMF Oradea.

Because the aim is to have a teaching system focused on a student involved in a continuous training, which he should continue to pursue and develop after graduation, one of the major objective of this faculty is to create a proper environment for education and training.
The faculty’s teaching and educational objectives are to train doctors, dentists and pharmacists for the healthcare system, but also specialists in other professions: dental technicians, radiology technicians, physiokinetotherapist, nurses etc. Currently, the faculty’s graduates are employed nationwide and abroad, working in the medical field.
The faculty of Medicine and pharmacy helps ensure a good dynamic teaching for research and integration, as well as a climate of balance, tolerance and development in the academic activity, both in Oradea and in the region.