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Municipal Hospital Dr. Gabriel Curteanu Oradea

Municipal Clinical Hospital "Dr. Gabriel Curteanu" Oradea was built between 1965-1969 and is located in the Western Area of Oradea. It was opened in the spring of 1969, specifically May 1969. From 01/01/2011 turned into Municipal Clinical Hospital by unification with the former neuropsychiatric hospitals, and the infectious lung disease. articulated main building is a piece in the form letter T, consisting of block A located on the B 10 levels and arranged on 5 levels. A body found in hospital premises, technical and administrative services, the body B, the top floor is the department of anesthesia and intensive care and operating theater and at levels 1, 2, and 3 are located radiology services, laboratory, functional explorations, Physiotherapy and medical gymnastics serving both hospital and ambulatory both. Extremity body B is for specialized outpatient hospital surgeries.
Emergency Hospital Avram Iancu" Oradea
The hospital is located in the center of Oradea, a city that lies on the left and right of the Quick Crişului. Buildings in the hospital was built in 1731.
Since 1788 the building was used by the Imperial Army as a military hospital during the Habsburg empire. Since 1919 after the unification of Transylvania with Romania, the building is occupied by a Romanian military hospital. In 1940 after the Vienna Award, Military Hospital evacuated in Turda. Present military hospital was established in 1945 with the numbers given by the Hospital Military Chernivtsi, located in Timisoara. Hospital capacity was 300 beds. Hospital is one of the buildings that have not changed the destination from the eighteenth century onwards, as a representative institution Oradea.